1. Who is eligible to use this Credit Top-Up service?

This service is available for INTI Students with valid Student ID.

2. What is the validity of my Credits?

There is no expiry date for Credits.

3. Can I accumulate my Credits by reloading multiple times?

Yes, you can.

4. How do I know whether my Credit Top-Up is successful?

A digital receipt with the Order ID will be automatically generated and delivered to your email as confirmation. If you do not receive any receipt, please notify us through the Contact Us page.

5. How do I check my Credit Balance?

Credit Balance can be checked at any Konica Minolta Printing Device designated for Students’ use.

6. What happens to my Credit if I transfer campuses?

To continue utilizing your Credit at the new campus, please apply through the Credit Transfer page here.

7. How do I request for a Refund?

Please submit your request through the Refund page here.
Minimum amount for Refund is RM10.00
Please allow us 7 working days to process your Refund application.

8. I did not receive any responses to my requests/enquiries. What can I do?

Please call us at the Konica Minolta support hotline below:
1-300-CALL-KM (1300-22-5556)